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Guest Book Comments

"We have traveled many places in the world, but seldom, if ever have we received such ministry of love and hospitality".

"It is all so exquisitely done. The dicor, the 4-course breakfast, the piano music,...what talent! And used for such a great treat for others." "Thank you".

"The perfect romantic get away"

"Your kindness and hospitality made this special time in our lives, even more memorable"

"Is your mental image tainted by pictures of crowds, lines and traffic?" "If so, allow me to introduce you to a calmer side of Branson which my wife and I discovered recently - the charm, elegance and quite of the Emory Creek Victorian Bed & Breakfast"

"We can't imagine Branson without our stay at Emory Creek"

"...then the morning brought the exceptional piano playing from the parlor and we both smiled and hurried down to another unbelievably perfect breakfast!" "Outstanding"

"All of life's blessings great and small, this has been one of the great ones I will remember for the rest of my life." "Thank you"

"Our stay was a dream come true".

"After a year of planning & thousands of miles we reached our "pot of gold". We are in awe of your perfection to detail. The irresistible aromas of the morning, which so cleverly lured your guests to the elegantly prepared tables for an indescribable indulgent of fare. Our hats off to "Play it again Sam", who brought tears to our eyes more than once!" Shalom & waiting to see you in our Homeland

"I felt I was in another world as soon as I stepped through the front door. The breakfasts were divine. Thanks for the wonderful music, Sammy. felt like a queen."

"We can't decide what is most enjoyable- this fantastic room, the fabulous breakfast, the piano music, or the peacefulness and calmness! Perhaps it is the combination of all!"

"How elegant and peaceful, friendly and kind."